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The Beverage Emporium is a brand building partnership company.  Our point of difference from traditional wholesalers

is that we take on brands, both regionally and nationally, on an exclusive basis. We create long term brand objectives

with our brand partners, rather than short term sales goals.


With over 20 years in the trade we understand the market, the nuances and the requirements for both existing as well as new brands.

As a business, we were a part of the sales team that launched Windhoek Beer in both South Africa and Botswana, and drove the growth of this brand until NBL merged with Diageo and Heineken to form Brandhouse.


With our own fleet of trucks and distribution warehouse in KwaZulu Natal, and outsourced distribution in the rest of the regions, we control the full route to market. With these distribution partners throughout South Africa, we have a national footprint which we control through SLA agreements. We work with people we have known for 20 years and more, and only with people who share our passion and value systems.


We offer a full route to market solution including all sales management, key accounting, sales, warehousing and distribution.


Our balanced portfolio gives us access into all liquor licensed outlets as well, as retail stores with our non alcohol product offerings. The varied nature of our range allows us to open accounts across the spectrum within the market, and gives us the opportunity to sell across the range.

By offering a diverse basket of products, we have become the solution to the trade.

Our premium basket makes us a natural fit and add on into existing customers.


We also have distributor partners in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe and facilitate sales into these areas.


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